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TrendSpottr Selected As Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio Partner

TrendSpottr’s real-time content discovery application enables marketers to supercharge their social content marketing with timely, relevant and trending content

Toronto, Ontario, May 6, 2014 – TrendSpottr today announced that it has been selected as a partner application for Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio, the collaborative social content marketing, social engagement, publishing and analytics solution part of the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. TrendSpottr brings real-time content discovery and predictive content analytics to the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio allowing Salesforce customers to easily discover and publish topical and trending content to engage their target audiences. By leveraging TrendSpottr’s real-time content recommendations, Social Studio publishers can streamline their content discovery and curation efforts and improve their overall social content marketing performance and ROI.

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TrendSpottr’s real-time content discovery application allows Social Studio customers to:

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TrendSpottr is a real-time social intelligence platform that predicts trending content, conversations and influencers for any topic or interest. TrendSpottr's technology and products detect accelerating trends with high viral potential and market impact from Twitter and other sources hours or days before they have become "popular" and reached mainstream awareness. TrendSpottr helps Fortune 1000 companies, digital and PR agencies, publishers and media organizations to optimize their content marketing, social engagement and paid media initiatives. TrendSpottr has partnered with Salesforce, HootSuite, IBM, DataSift and other leading social and big data companies. Find out more at:


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Founder and CEO

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